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Celebrating 40 Years of Horizons with a retro anniversary season filled with weekends recreated from the past. Remember when.....


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Creole Cruise

March 1 - 3

One of our favorite Mardi Gras themes.

We’ll be cruisin’ in style with our Horizons Mardi Gras celebration. Party with some amazing purple, green and gold beads. Create and take home Mardi Gras decorations that will help you continue the celebration all year long. Do not miss out on all the fun and excitement here at Horizons!

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Sham - ROCK the House

MARCH 15 - 17

Coming up with a new twist on St. Patty's never gets old.

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here so make sure that you are rocking your green gear this weekend! Spring training is going to get us moving to our activities. We’re going to have a battle of the bands, Learn about some famous Irish rockers. And of course there’ll be Irish dancing. Go green and take home a “wee” bit of Ireland.

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It's A Surprise

March 29 - 31

Then there was the year that we forgot a weekend on our flyer, so it became...

Come for the most anticipated weekend of the year! You will be amazed at every activity from a mystery dessert to an astonishing project. There is a surprise around every corner. Every moment of this weekend will keep you guessing and laughing.

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Music Mania

April 12 - 14

Music! Everyone's favorite and always a hit!

Make an instrument to use in your own music VIDEO that you take home, done with our Karaoke machine Be entertained by a live band after getting fit with weight lifting and indoor touch football. Bring some music from home to share with friends during “Name that Tune” with great prizes for everyone!

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We Are The World

April 26 - 28

One of our favorite things is combining great themes, here's one...

We’re celebrating three of our favorite things this weekend: Earth Day, Michael Jackson, and Horizons!  The garden is ready for planting, and everyone will do their part to be sure that this year it is blooming!  We will also learn some green tricks that will teach us how we can turn trash into treasure, like making a decorative bowl out of some unlikely materials.  We’ll moonwalk our way to a better tomorrow and hang out with our best friends all weekend long. Like the King of Pop says: “Make the world a better place for you and me!”

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Summer Staycation

May 3 - 5

Traditionally our biggest weekend of the season, don't miss out.

No need to travel far when you can do all things fun at Horizons. Mini golf, tennis, volleyball, horseshoes, and bocce are just a few of the fun games we’ll be playing. Summer will be round the corner so we’ll get those boats out of storage and onto Lake Probus. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and be ready for the end of season ceremony!

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