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Deirdhre (Dede) Delaney

Board Secretary
Delaney D

  • Redtwig Garden Design & Maintenance LLC, Owner.  Clients include Lyman Allen Museum 9/11 Memorial Garden, New London, CT and Garden on the Bridge in Windham, CT
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, RI School of Design, and 7 years working in New York City textile trade
  • Designer/Colorist for New Ravenna Mosaics, VA, 7 years
  • Co-chair of Oak Grove Annual Fundraising Committee, 2 years
  • Degree in Landscape Design/Horticulture, Tidewater College, VA

Address:127 Babcock Hill Rd,South Windham, CT06266 | Mailing Address:P.O. Box 323South Windham, CT06266 | Phone numbers:(860)456-1032 | Fax:(860)456-4721

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