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In-School Supports

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We do in-school program development and assessment by...

  • Supporting students age 2½ to 21 in 15 local school systems
  • Helping students succeed in their neighborhood schools
  • Enabling students with a broad range of disabilities to realize their dreams
  • Collaborating with families and facilitating teambuilding
  • Using evidence-based practices to respond to each person’s changing needs
  • Developing individualized person-centered programs and pro-active intervention strategies
  • Facilitating the Plan-Do-Evaluate process by taking an effective, systematic approach
  • Overcoming systems barriers
  • Offering expert technical support
  • Teaching the implementation of custom-designed plans
  • Partnering with teachers and families
  • Providing Positive Behavior Support Intervention Plans

Education Support Services Team

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Address:127 Babcock Hill Rd,South Windham, CT06266 | Mailing Address:P.O. Box 323South Windham, CT06266 | Phone numbers:(860)456-1032 | Fax:(860)456-4721

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